Bored Ape and other major NFT Discord servers targeted by scammers

Bored Ape and other major NFT Discord servers targeted by scammers. Bad actors hacked the projects’ Discord bots to post phishing links.

Discord servers of popular NFT projects ; including the Bored Ape Yacht Club; were attacked by scammers in the early hours of April Fool’s Day. Some users have reported losing money to attackers hacking project bots to post bogus offers with links to their phishing websites, Motherboard reports.

One of the phishing posts of a compromised Bored Ape bot read, “Oh no, our dogs are mutating. MAKC can be wagered on our $ APE token. MAYC + BAYC holders will be able to claim exclusive rewards by simply minting and holding our dogs. . “mutants”.

If a user clicks on the link in the post, then they are brought; to a website in which they give it a fake NFT in return for it. The other version driven the victims to send scamers NFT by thinking about their collector’s item.

Two portfolio addresses were tied to hacks, one of which was stolen; mutant app yat club NFT and then other 19.85 ETH or about $ 69,000, based on current exchange rates. Recipient letter bags have been sent 61 ETH ($ 213,000) in mixed service; which can hide the root and path of potentially identified crypto coins.

It is unclear that how many people are suffering from cheats,

but managers of projects started quickly and acquired warnings for their fans. Bored Ape stated that “April 1st has no secrets” and urged users not to extract anything from Discord. Nyoki Cub also sent a similar warning, admitting that “the recent widespread hacks have put the server in jeopardy”. He said he was able to control the situation within 30 minutes.

NFTs are becoming mainstream and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Madonna are focusing on digital collections. As long as people spend money on non-exchangeable tokens, such schemes can proliferate.


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